"The report has been an ongoing source of priceless market data for my company and associated investments I am involved with.   Without the report, my ability to report to my company's Board of Directors would be significantly more time consuming process."
--Chris Walker, CEO, RADIANT LED Growth Systems

"Having the newest of edition of the report is invaluable to me as an investor in the cannabis industry. With the report, not only am I able to track trends in legal cannabis markets but it also helps to identify potential geographic targets for investment, and updates me on recent changes in state legislation and federal reaction toward them. Anyone involved in legal cannabis markets would be mistaken to overlook this important piece of research."
--Ed Rudisell, Owner, Siam Square Thai Cuisine, Black Market, Rook

"The depth of research found within the ArcView Market Report only solidifies our position here at RODAWG.  Understanding individual state's investor climates and market opportunities for each state will be essential for those looking to introduce legitimacy and professionalism into our industry.   It begins with accurate market research and making the most recent data available to the right people, which ArcView has accomplished with their Market Report. Ancillary business entry barriers seem much more manageable once there is visibility, and ArcView has given us exactly that."
--Josh Gordon, CEO, Rodawg

“This report is a “must-have” for any serious investor, executive, or stakeholder in the legal marijuana space. We have become quite active as principal investors in the sector however finding both qualitative and quantitative industry data can be challenging. ArcView’s report delivers on all fronts and is now a part of our investment process.”
--Douglas Leighton, Managing Director Dutchess Capital

"This report has become an amazing tool for helping us understand the developing industry as a whole across the country.The report is an amazing collaboration of data from the industry leaders of how each of their markets are developing. As the cannabis industry develops across this country this report will be a crucial piece in helping attract new investors and business innovators."
--Steve Cottrell, Principal AZ Med Testing

"I find this report absolutely invaluable. The thought of investing without the depth of information it provides is tantamount to flying blind. The breadth of coverage of multiple market segments as well as the insights into geographically specific issues will support very focused targeting and analysis of opportunities. The knowledge and experience that has been shared by the industry leaders provides extraordinary guidance not otherwise available."
--Steve Trenk, Founder Budding Ventures

"Reviewing "The State of Legal Marijuana" report, has reinforced our decision to become members of the ArcView Group. The quality of content in the report shows that this group is clearly staying on the forefront of the industry. This is a worthy investment of anyone serious in the industry to have access to this level of information."
--Emily Paxhia, Poseidon Asset Management

"The ArcView Market Report will be the most useful tool for my partners and I in transitioning our business from the State of Michigan to other legal markets.  We will be using this report to educate state legislators and regulating agencies on what has and has not been successful in other states with similarly enacted laws.  We will also utilize the research to understand the subtle nuances within this emerging market.  The depth and breadth of this research is unsurpassed and simply not available anywhere else.  Congratulations to the ArcView team for an incredibly insightful and visionary report that is sure to inspire both current and future entrepreneurs."
--Mark Passerini, Co-founder, Om of Medicine

"The Report is an exhaustively researched reference work on the universe of medical marijuana. The book details current state laws, inspiring sketches of visionary leaders, and insight into the future of the marijuana industry. It has been essential reading for me as an aid in crystallizing my investment strategy. The walls of prohibition are crumbling. Exponential growth of the industry is upon us. The Report is the essential primer for anyone seriously interested in following our great American tradition of entrepreneurship and investment in this fascinating, explosive, rapidly evolving new industry."
--Steve Katz, New York State Assemblyman, 94th District